Nazan Azeri’s artworks emerge from the intersection between personal memory and social situations. Emotions, sensations, and intuitions evolve with metaphors and the layers they have turn into reminiscent images.
The artist questions the human (male) centered perspective from an angle that takes concepts such as eco-criticism, women, child and nature into consideration. She also pulls the situations and figures that belong to different creatures that are against the structures which otherize the nature and the woman to a non-hierarchical and immanent plane. 
In her artworks titled the “Forgotten Time and the Now,” the images of plants and animals surrounding the women, embryo and child images direct the gaze towards the meanings of an imaginary universe set forth by a preliterary and mythical memory.
The red and blue colors make a reference to the mosaic and ceramic arts of the geography extending from the Far East to Anatolia, Christian iconography, and the different eras of art history.