Nazan Azeri continues her art production, which initially started with paintings, utilizing assemblage, fictional photography, video art and painting in her works. She conveys internal and external conflicts using personal and collective memories.
She graduated from Marmara University’s Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting in 1993. She received her graduate degree from the same university with her thesis titled “First Generation Women Painters in the Westernization Movements in Turkey”. She received her doctorate degree with her thesis “Playfulness in Visual Arts; Renaissance, Dada, Surrealism” She is currently an Associate Professor at Beykent University’s Faculty of Fine Arts and gives courses in design, pattern drawing and illustration.
She opened exhibitions in Turkey as well as participating at the 53rd  Venice Biennale Gettovillion pavilion and various group exhibitions in Spain, England, Holland, Australia, Uzbekistan, China and Germany.

As a curator, she organized the exhibition titled “Transformation” consisting of the works of artists using photography in their works within the context of the “20th IFSAK Photography Days” upon the invitation of IFSAK. .

She opened five personal exhibitions, three of which took place in Istanbul and the rest in Antalya and Ankara. She participated in the “Istanbul Next Wave” exhibition in Berlin in the year 2009. Her article on the situation of women in Islam and the prohibition of painting, the transformation which started with miniatures and the first generation of women artists in Turkey who started making modern paintings, which was also published in the Young Art magazine was published in the exhibition catalogue with the title “Turkische Malerinnen im Verwestlichungsprozess“.
The artist currently lives and works in Istanbul.