"The Forgotten Time and The Now"






















"Forgotten Time and Now"
























"From Dreams to Truths", Scenes from the Exhibition









































"My Mother's Wedding Dress", Colors












2016-2016 Paintings









"Scribbles", Pattern Drawing
















"Unnamed", Paintings










"Unnamed", "Scribbles", Pattern Drawing and Photography
















"Unnamed","Uncovered" Photography









"Unnamed", "Upside Down", Installation - Sculpture


"That Which Can Not Cover", Paintings


























"Dream Roles", Photography


































































"On the Bench", Photography


"Dragging", Photography



















"MeObjects", Photography











"Transformation", Photography




















"Growing Up", Photography





"To Play With or a Doll's House", Installation







"Apples of Heaven", Monoprint on Paper










"To Settle / Not to Settle", Performance Photography

















"Assemblages", Assemblage














"Game Installation", Installation